Why Standing 4 Christ Ministry?
The first idea of Standing came from our observation for the last ten years of the waste in human resources in our evangelical community, although with competences that would be very useful. We were so deceived that the Lord has opened our spirit on how we could be an instrument of change to take up this challenge of our community. It was up to us to establish a space where the great minds of Haiti scattered all over, who are believers in Jesus-Christ exclusively, can regroup themselves towards a common goal; utilizing their knowledge to reinforce our evangelical sector.
Standing 4 Christ Ministry, a necessity for the francophone community!
​Indeed, Standing 4 Christ Ministry exists to take up a challenge for the Haitian evangelical community. Our observations make us to believe that not many of us can defend our faith in front of the major obstacles of science and other major world religions. Most evangelical Christians feel rather equipped to respond to the biblical misinterpretations of the other denominations within Christianity.

Our problem lies in the fact that, at the same time, there is a vertiginous growth of other religions claiming to be true to the detriment of Christianity. As a result, our sacred book, the Bible, is in question; which creates many interrogations about certain facts such as creation, the birth of Jesus of a virgin, the death and the resurrection of Jesus, miracles, etc. Beyond this sad conclusion, the worst case is a growing rate of young Christians abandoning the Christian faith to become agnostics, skeptics or atheists. On the other hand, we are not unaware that we are living in an era where knowledge is at its peak. So, there is an effervescence of pseudoscience against Christianity. All this leads to the blatant need to equip our young Christians who attend secular and liberal universities characterized by relativism, inclusivism, naturalism, ... In short, secularism has become the mainstream in the university environment. Hence, even our young Christians who grew up in an evangelical environment, constantly question or, in the worst case, abandon their Christian faith. Statistics in this area are sickening ...
Our goals


Short term

Bring together intellectually competent Haitian Christians to fill the theological gaps in our evangelical community;

Through technology, equip Haitian Christians everywhere to be able to evangelize and defend their faith with boldness;​


Publish articles on objections related to theological issues, as well as on leadership and the family;​


Encourage and assist those who publish evangelical works.

Middle term


Design pamphlets on the defense of the Christian faith;

Set up a radio program that will equip Christians to share and defend their faith with confidence;


In conjunction with their executive committee, establish well-trained small groups on evangelism and apologetics in local churches;

Openly engage theological, philosophical and scientific debates to clarify certain objections aimed at weakening our Christian faith;

Organize events on the Bible, Protestant Reformation, Leadership, etc. during specific occasions. 


Long term

Expand our face-to-face activities on Haiti and Canada through local churches and evangelical organizations.

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